Program for Veterans

Free Program for Veterans and Their Spouses

Cognitive Training and Counseling Program for Military Veterans and Spouses in conjunction with The Center for Brain Health

PCC is excited to partner with the Center for Brain Health to meet the needs of veterans and their spouses in the metroplex. Through the Center for Brain Health’s existing warrior program, veterans and their spouses have the opportunity to participate in a research study and receive free services. The goal of this study is to provide a proven brain training program, Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART) to North Texas veterans. PCC’s role is to provide evidence-based psychotherapy services in conjunction with the brain training workshops. Through the program, participants will complete surveys and have three different MRI screenings in order to track the impact of the services. Participants will receive $30 per MRI and have the right withdraw from the study at any time. 

This partnership will allow the Center for Brain Health to determine if their SMART training has greater impact alongside counseling services. This study has the potential to change the way providers plan services for veterans and their families in the future. 

What is SMART training?

The Center for Brain Health’s SMART program teaches strategies that have been shown to help people understand, manage, and comprehend information at a deeper level. The training activities include group peer discussion and are conducted in a classroom setting. In the research study, participants will attend a SMART training for free – this is a 6-hr training over two consecutive days. 

What topics does the counseling cover?

PCC licensed therapists will provide individual or couples counseling for the participants in the study free of charge, depending on the needs of the individual. Participants will complete 18-24 sessions with one of five approved therapists. Through counseling, individuals will gain new insights and skills in order to navigate life’s challenges, manage stress, address mental health issues (such as depression, anxiety, and trauma), and build healthy relationships.
PCC and the Center for Brain Health look forward to working together to provide quality services for veterans and their families. This program will run through February 2019, but we hope to reach at least 30 individuals by August 2018.

For next steps as a participant in this program, contact Letty Owuor at the Center for Brain Health at 972.883.3242, or email Letty by clicking here. 
For more information regarding this program and PCC’s involvement, contact Brandi Hull at Pastoral Counseling Center at 214.526.4525, or email Brandi by clicking here.

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Licensed Professional Counselor--Supervisor 
Locations: Dallas, Addison 

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Licensed Professional Counselor--Supervisor, Bilingual
Locations:Dallas, Arlington, Mesquite, Richardson


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Bilingual
Location: Dallas

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Locations: Dallas, Garland, Oak Cliff

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PCC Program Coordinator