Michael Hyder

Michael Hyder, Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor

Practice Locations: Dallas, Frisco

Primary Specialties:
Anxiety and Depression

Topics Covered and Services Provided:
Individual therapy
Couples therapy
Play therapy
Counseling for children
Counseling for adolescents
Learning healthy skills for dealing with anger
Adjusting to divorce
Recovering from substance abuse
Working through depression
Working through anxiety
Processing trauma
Family therapy

My Goals for My Work:
Your voice matters. Your feelings matter. Your story matters. Your life matters. You are important and you matter. I believe we have an innate ability to adapt and heal when given the right space to do so. My goal is to provide that space where you can access your resources and strengths and confidently create the change you want. Clients often leave my office feeling lighter and that they experienced a deeper understanding of being heard and valued. What I hope for in my work with clients:

    • Increased ability to be present and focused on what matters, less time spent caught up in difficult emotions and thoughts
    • Increased awareness around the short term and long term effects of your behavior
    • Clarified values, vision and goals
    • More deeply connected with a sense of meaning and purpose

About Michael: 
Michael Hyder received his Masters in Counseling Psychology from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology in 2009. Upon graduation he worked at an inpatient psychiatric hospital and a community mental health clinic, and has since been working in private practice for the past 5 years. He has been trained in EMDR, a specialized treatment for trauma. In addition, he loves to help individuals and couples gain the skills to spend less time hijacked by difficult emotions and more time doing what matters to them. He also enjoys incorporating aspects of neuroscience and how the brain is impacted by relationships, and often brings this into his work with clients. 

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Participating provider for Cognitive Training and Counseling Program for Military Veterans and Spouses.
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