Mary Catherine Davis

Mary Catherine Davis, Art Therapy Liaison 

Locations: Wesley-Rankin Community Center, Trinity River Mission 

Primary Specialty
Art therapy facilitation 

Aims to what I do:
Art has played a large role in my life from a very young age. It has served as a release, a comfort, a challenge, and a way to process what happens around me. My hope is that in incorporating art into a therapeutic setting, it can be an accessible tool to people in their everyday processing and problem-solving. 

About Me: 
I’m a recent graduate from the University of Mississippi, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine arts degree with an emphasis in painting. I’ve had the unique opportunity of providing art classes to students from ages 5-25 through campus organizations and independent art programs. I’ve also served as a volunteer with various community centers in both Mississippi and Texas to aid in facilitating free creative art and dance programs.