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Navigating Life's Changes and Challenges

It is not a matter of whether we will face changes and challenges in life, it is a matter of how we will navigate those changes and challenges.

Dealing with Trauma as a Result of Hurricane Harvey and the Flooding

The response to the hurricane and flooding can assist families in navigating the trauma faced by so many.

Talking with Kids About Healthy Relationships

In light of the many influences on youth, how can help help kids learn what it means to be respectful of others?

Ask a Therapist: Positive Communication

Learn how to communicate positively!

Ask a Therapist: How to Manage Stress

Learn tips for managing stress from PCC psychotherapists and psychologists...

Parenting: How to Stay Cool as a Parent

Parents - learn how to stay cool when your kids lose their cool...

Faith and Mental Health

What does faith have to do with mental health?

PACT Program - video introduction

Learn how The Center makes mental health care accessible.