Church Leadership Series

Integrating theology, spirituality, psychology, and leadership principles to encourage healthy and effective church leaders

Participants will meet regularly over a year with other church leaders to explore the following topics with PCC licensed therapists and psychologists who have theological training and experience as ministers and leaders in churches:

  • The foundations of healthy congregations
  • The spiritual life of the church leader
  • Understanding and caring for mental health issues in the church
  • Emotional and social intelligence in church leadership
  • Preventing burnout and nurturing personal and professional growth

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The Family Ministry Cohort 

A study and discussion program for church staff 

Church staff who lead children’s, youth, couples’, families’, education, and discipleship ministries will learn from the latest research about how to understand the relational, emotional, and mental health needs of families in order to minister more effectively to children, youth, couples, and families. 

Join us in person and online for a program on family studies bringing the best from theology and psychology. This inter-denominational study group will give you the opportunity to learn from and share with church leaders across D/FW.

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Church Leadership Faculty

Garrett Woods 2.jpg
Dr. Garrett Woods,
Licensed Psychologist