Clergy Evaluations & Programs

Clergy Evaluation Program

Most churches require those interested in vocations to go through a period of discernment and evaluation before becoming a candidate for ordination. PCC works with a number of institutions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to counsel individuals as they go through this spiritual journey. We offer these services to a variety of denominations.

Group & Individual Clergy Coaching

Being an effective minister means occasionally taking a step back from your daily tasks and looking for ways to take your congregation — and yourself — to the next level. Enhance your ministry through group and individual coaching sessions.

Leadership Coaching

Led by Bill Johnson, this unique program provides support for pastors who want to brush up on their management skills, or revise their current leadership style in response to congregational changes. Sessions are conducted one-on-one and are customized based on your individual needs and interests.

Seminar and Retreat Programs

Renew your clergy’s outlook with a seminar or retreat centered on the issues facing your church. PCC can custom-build a program to fit your congregation’s specific leadership and spiritual growth needs.

Clergy Groups

The life of a clergyperson is emotionally complex, full of rich relationships with the community and yet often lonely. PCC hosts ecumenical groups where clergy can meet and exchange ideas with peers in a way that is responsive to their vocational and spiritual needs.

Congregation Consultation

Sometimes events within or outside of our faith community require the church to reflect on its practices and consider changes to better serve its congregation. PCC offers a variety of services for congregations at such a crossroads, including strategic planning, coaching and conflict resolution.

Faith Community Conflict Resolution Ministry

Even within the same religion, denomination and city, not all clergy and churchgoers share identical beliefs. Disagreements about sensitive and deeply personal topics can produce heightened emotions — which is why every church needs peacemakers. PCC offers training and consultation for those interested in the ministry of peacemaking. Our mediation programs provide peacemakers-in-training with the framework needed to offer conflict resolution services within their congregation or community.