Parenting Workshops


Talks in the Community: You many choose from the topics below for your group or contact PCC for a presentation tailored to your group. Duration of these talks is 1 hour, unless listed below. For more information or to schedule a workshop, email Jodi Stewart. 214.526.4525.

Understanding the Mental Health Needs of Children 
This workshop will help parents understand the impact that issues such as ADHD, anger, depression, and anxiety can have on children and teens. We will share the differences between just nervousness and anxiety, a quiet temperament and depression, and having high energy and having ADHD. You will leave the talk with the latest research on social and emotional well-being, best practices for helping your child succeed at school, strategies for engaging cooperation and building strong relationships at home, and tools for helping your child develop skills for managing feelings and having confidence. 

Parenting in the Pre-teen and Early Teen Years
Just as 5th - 8th graders are evolving, our parenting must evolve too. Join us to learn the key objectives for the emotional and relational development of your child for each grade, 5th - 8th grade. PCC will share strategies for setting limits while maintaining connection to help your child develop a healthy identity and independence.   

Raising Socially and Emotionally Intelligent Children
Hear the latest research on social and emotional well-being, best practices for helping your child succeed at school, and strategies for helping your child develop skills for managing feelings and having confidence. We provide insights from both psychology and faith in approaching how we can parent effectively and grow strong families. 

Stress – How to Help Your Kids Learn to Manage Stress (and How to Manage YOUR Stress)
What stresses do kids face today? Pressure to achieve? Social stresses? What stresses do you as a parent face? PCC will share what is causing stress and anxiousness in your kids’ lives, how to gain perspective, how to help your kids be resilient, and how to be calm and collected yourself as you manage the hectic lives of your families. 

Purposeful Parenting
We will share strategies for effective discipline, communication, and relationship building that teach kids skills and principles for healthy living. We will discuss how child development impacts behavior covering key developmental transitions and stages and how to respond. By having a purpose in our parenting interactions, we can equip kids for the future and help them reach their potential. 

Navigating Adolescence
Parents of teens and kids beginning college have to find the right balance - knowing when to step in and when to step back. The challenges change in adolescence and the parenting strategies need to change too. PCC will share about the adolescent brain and strategies for maintaining a relationship with adolescents while beginning the process of preparing them to laugh from the home. 

5 Discipline Mistakes Parents Make

What’s your plan for discipline in your home?  Learn mistakes parents often make when it comes to discipline and what to do instead. 

5 Things Never to Say to Your Kids
Learn the top parenting clichés that we all try when desperate and what to say instead.  You’ll gain skills for communicating effectively with your children. 

Respect Rules
What do you need to know to help your child be socially successful? Uncover myths about cliques, popularity, and verbal bullying and get tips for encouraging your children to give respect at home, play, and school. 

Parenting Preschoolers
The preschool years are challenging and important.  We provide tips for handling common challenges of parenting preschoolers from tantrums to trouble sharing. 

Teaching Children the Other Three R’s: Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience
Practical tips for guiding behavior and helping children deal with emotions, treat others with respect, and fulfill responsibilities. 

 Parenting Talks at PCC

Increase understanding, gain knowledge, learn strategies, build confidence.
The latest research, information, strategies, and tips for parents of children ages 3 to 17.

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Dr. Carrie Davidson is a Licensed Psychologist and is the Director of Clinical Services and Assessments at PCC. She provides assessments for ADHD, autism, and educational issues in addition to providing counseling for children and parenting consultations.


Dr. Brad Schwall, Executive Director at PCC, has over 22 years of experience working with children and parents providing parenting consultations, counseling, teaching social and emotional skills to youth, and leading workshops for parents and educators.