Laura Fleming

Laura Fleming, LMFT-Associate
Supervised by Nestor Presas, LMFT-S

Primary Specialty:
Couples and Families

Services Provided and Topics Covered:
Couple and Family Therapy including:
   Couple issues, including: trust, communication struggles, life changes affecting the relationship
Adoption (all parties)
Family issues, including:    
   School struggles
   Establishing rules/boundaries
   Blended families
   Recovering from trauma as a family
Grief (family/individual)
Co-Dependency/Boundary struggles
Living with people with Axis II disorders 

Goals For My Work:
I believe relationships are one of the ways life shows us who we truly are. They are also one of our greatest challenges, and it is normal to feel when our relationships are "off" that we may have lost our way. My goal is to work with my clients to find ways for you to hear each other more clearly so that you can feel understood and secure. When this is done, we can then work to strengthen the relationship and reach a new level of understanding and commitment to one another. You can find your way again together. I believe couples and families can heal and repair from almost anything and when they do they are a source of great strength and comfort. I am honored to guide them through this process and to be a part of their journey. 

About Laura Fleming:
Laura received her Master of Science in Counseling from Southern Methodist University in 2014

Descriptions of Talks and Workshops
Led by Laura Fleming, LMFT-Associate

Co-Parenting: Tips for Parenting Great Kids After Divorce
Families in Flux: Getting Through it Together
Attachment: The Science of Connection and What It Says About Us

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