Garrett Woods

Dr. Garrett Woods, Licensed Psychologist, Director of Training

Practice Location: Dallas

Primary Specialties:
Psychological Assessment
Grief, Loss, and Life Transitions

Topics Covered and Services Provided:
Individual therapy
Couples therapy
Counseling for adolescents
Psychological assessment
Learning healthy skills for dealing with anger
Dealing with loss from suicide
Adjusting to divorce
Recovering from substance abuse
Working through depression
Working through anxiety
Processing trauma
Career issues
Domestic violence

My Goals for My Work:
As a therapist, my specialty, simply stated, is to help people learn healthy and adaptive ways to cope with the challenges of life. Through this process I assist my clients in developing greater insight into their own psychological needs, strategies to tend to their past emotional wounds, and resources to make peace with their painful and/or anxious feelings. Although, at times, challenging, this process has the potential to be life changing, and I consider it a distinct privilege to be able to join my clients along their journeys. Because of this, in therapy I seek to create a comfortable and safe environment where together we can work to achieve your goals.