Dave Dinneen

Dave Dinneen, D.Min., LCSW Board Approved Supervisor

Practice Locations: Dallas, Richardson 

Primary Specialties:
Individual Adults
Couples Therapy

Services Provided:
Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy integrated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and elements of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Spiritual Direction
Insight psychotherapy utilizing the Enneagram 

Topics Covered:
Addictive behaviors
Life transitions
Personality disorders
Vocational issues  

My Goals for My Work:
A common thread that has been woven through my work, first as an engineer, then later as a chaplain and pastor, and finally as a psychotherapist, has been helping people live, and even thrive, in their environment. I like to use the metaphor of story to reflect upon our lives and how we interact with environments that contain our lives. As we share our stories, we begin to recognize major authors who are writing our story (those authors may be parents, friends, spouse, institutions, or society, etc.). We also begin to recognize certain plots that seem to get repeated, often with less than desirable outcomes. One of the goals of psychotherapy is to become our own author, thereby writing our own story, which may mean “firing” some of our previous authors. We develop a sense of freedom and ownership for our lives as we assume authorship. Over time, I believe this freedom requires we explore our personal story in the context of a larger story, which often opens the plot line to a spiritual component. Here, too, it is helpful to reflect upon the authors of this aspect of our lives. You might think of our time together as story time and you are the main character!  

About Dave:
Dave Dinneen is a practicing psychotherapist licensed in the State of Texas as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Approved Supervisor. He has experience in faith-based counseling agencies and Community Mental Health Crisis Services. He is an Ordained Elder in The United Methodist Church and endorsed by that denomination as a Pastoral Counselor and Spiritual Director. He has served as the pastor for several churches in the New Mexico Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. He received the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Southern Methodist University and the Master of Social Work from The University of Houston.