For Kids' Sake

For families going through the process of divorce

For Kids' Sake

Divorce is a difficult process under any circumstances, but it can be especially painful for families with children. For Kids’ Sake is a program dedicated to helping parents successfully navigate this transition while maintaining strong, healthy parent-child relationships.

This four-hour seminar puts parents in touch with their children’s needs and provides the knowledge and skills needed to nurture their children during this difficult time. During a divorce, the simplest things — such as how to behave in front of your children — take on new meaning, and can have short- and long-term effects on children. For Kids’ Sake provides a supportive environment for divorcing parents to discuss and cope with these challenges.

Education and Support to Better Understand:

  • Effects of family conflict on children
  • Child development and conflict
  • Children’s perspectives on conflict
  • How to talk to children about family changes
  • Steps for further help


  • $50 seminar fee
  • $10 cancellation/rescheduling fee
  • $25 returned check fee

Seminar Dates: 

Click here to see the current calendar of seminar dates.
To register, print and mail your completed registration form and a check for $50 to For Kids’ Sake, P.O. Box 140287, Dallas, Texas 75214-0287 at least five days prior to the seminar.

Spanish-language seminars are available in Plano by appointment. For more information about For Kids' Sake in Spanish, please call 469.752.2277.

Mediation can also be useful for families going through the process of divorce. For help resolving post-divorce issues including shared family time with children, new relationships, celebrations, education and health issues. Click here to email for more information.